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Pawtins™ Litter Box Deodorizer

Pawtins™ Litter Box Deodorizer

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Sale price $64.95 Regular price $100.00
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Reduces Litter Box Odors by 99.97%

Safe, Easy and Chemical Free

Vet Tested & Approved

Pawtins™ Litter Box Deodorizer

Regular price $64.95
Sale price $64.95 Regular price $100.00
SAVE 35% Sold out
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Eliminate unwanted odors swiftly and securely.

Simply stick it to the wall, switch it on and enjoy a chemical-free solution.

Our fully rechargeable device eliminates the need for replacements or filters forever, ensuring continuous freshness without hassle!


Does not emit any scent that could harm your cat's sensitive smell.


The Pawtins Smart Deodorizer is USB rechargeable and one single charge provides up to 3 weeks of battery life.

Smart Motion Sensor

The Deodorizer automatically switches off when your cat approaches the litter box to ensure it's comfort.

Compatible With All Litter Boxes

We designed the Pawtins Deodorizer to fit all ranges of litter boxes. From fully enclosed to fully open litter boxes.

🐾Claims From Our 67,000+ Cat Parents🐾


Noticed litter box odors gone within minutes.


Agree this product has significantly improved their life.


Have received compliments from their guests of how fresh the air is in their home.

What Separates Pawtins From The Rest?




Ultra Quiet



How does it work?

Our advanced deodorizer emits negatively charged ions to attract and bond with positively charged odor particles, neutralizing them and preventing their spread.

Unlike traditional air purifiers, our filter-free method targets and neutralizes odors directly for a more efficient experience.

Is it safe for cats and dogs?

Absolutely! Our deodorizer is safe for use around cats and dogs due to its minimal ozone production, ensuring their well-being alongside yours.

How long does it last?

Unlike other air purifiers and air fresheners, our device does not require filter replacement or refills. It simply works forever until the battery or device eventually degrades and stops functioning (which eventually happens to all electronics).

Instead of getting a new filter or purifier every few weeks, just get one of these and enjoy peace of mind!

How do I recharge it?

It's easy! Simply connect the device to the provided 5V1A charger to begin charging.

Alternatively, utilize any computer USB port with the supplied cable to charge the device.

Tip: We kindly recommend not using fast chargers designed for smartphones, as they may potentially harm the battery long term.

I have multiple cats. How many should I get?

We suggest using one deodorizer for every 1-2 cat litter boxes.

Yet, if you have 3 or more litter boxes, we strongly advise using at least 2 deodorizers to optimize effectiveness.

Feel free to begin with a single deodorizer and assess if it meets your expectations.